Our Team


Our L&C team combines a wide range of experience in consulting to organizations of all kinds, both for-profit and not-for-profit, including Indigenous Communities.

Chris has several decades of experience consulting on change leadership to clients of all kinds, with a special emphasis on helping organizations get “from here to there”

Jean-Benoit Fournier

JB has over 10 years experience consulting to L&C clients and international organizations, with a particular focus on sustainable development.

Kim Lightbody

Kim brings to L&C more than 20 years management and consulting experience in many countries in high-technology and other fields.

Steve Lucas

Steve has built on his several decades of engineering and operational experience to provide consulting management and research services

Marie-Claude Delbes

Marie-Claude provides the management and administrative backbone of L&C while delivering training and advisory services

Paul Shay

Following a distinguished career in leadership positions for youth and healthcare charities and consulting work for L&C, Paul has recently added applied skills in leading edge immersive technologies such as AR and VR