The process of assessing where an organization finds itself, what the future environment is likely to be and the implications of this are central to planning for the future. When combined with an organization’s vision, mission and values of this assessment will lead to the creation or confirmation of a long-term plan with its necessary components of strategic goals, key initiatives, actions, short-term projects, measurable objectives and the like.

At L&C we support organizations through these processes of reflection whether this requires a full strategic planning activity or a simple refreshing of goals.


As important as setting organizational direction, and many times more difficult to achieve, is the process of bringing about the changes needed: here we at L&C help our clients “get from here to there”. This requires the application of the best change management principles, and typically a participative process involving at least the key stakeholders.

We not only help clients implement organization-wide plans, but also implement specific programs such as environmental management systems and the like. We also provide individual advice and counsel to key executives.

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Our L&C team combines a wide range of experience in consulting to organizations of all kinds, both for-profit and not-for-profit, including Indigenous Communities.

Chris has several decades of experience consulting on change leadership to clients of all kinds, with a special emphasis on helping organizations get “from here to there”

Paul Shay

Following a distinguished career in leadership positions for youth and healthcare charities and consulting work for L&C, Paul has recently added applied skills in leading edge immersive technologies such as AR and VR

Francis Dion

A serial tech entrepreneur and executive coach, Francis leverages artificial intelligence, natural language processing and spatial thinking to help professionals collaborate more effectively and make better decisions.

Marie-Claude Delbes

Marie-Claude provides the management and administrative backbone of L&C while delivering training and advisory services

Steve Lucas

Steve has built on his several decades of engineering and operational experience to provide consulting management and research services

Kim Lightbody

Kim brings to L&C more than 20 years management and consulting experience in many countries in high-technology and other fields.