Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper


Executives who need to “get from here to there” rely on Chris’ experience and counsel to make it happen. With over three decades of experience, Chris moves deftly from strategic planning to change program leadership, from organizational restructuring to team building and from performance coaching to career planning to support his clients and address their needs.

Before founding L&C, Chris headed his own firm, dedicated to strategic organizational change. Previously he was a partner with KPMG leading their regulatory and human resource groups. He was elected and served as a municipal mayor and prefect in Quebec.

Chris has spoken and published extensively on topics such as sustainable organizational change and vocational counselling, internal management consulting, and the history of organizational behaviour. He has written several self-help tool-kits and teaches “Leading Change” and “The Fundamentals of Change Management” at McGill University.

Chris graduated from Cambridge University (BA, MA) in Anthropology and Archaeology. He is a Certified Management Consultant, Adm.a (Chartered Secretaries), Certified Human Resource Professional, and a Professional Member of the National Employment Counseling Association (USA).

English by birth, he works in both English and French, and has lived in Montreal and Brome, Quebec since 1976.