L&C Strategic Advisory Consultants



 Make enlightened strategic choices

Strengthen leadership capacity 

Build agile cultures

"L&C helped us to group and prioritize key initiatives and then supplied the project management discipline to keep us on track." Shawn Trinier, President, Serta-Simmons Holdings

“L&C brought energy and clarity to the process. The executive team and the board are now fully aligned and well equipped to deliver even greater value to our shareholders.” Horst Zerbe, CEO, IntelGenx

 L&C provided us with insight on best practices within reference companies and analyzed internal data to identify risks. They then put forth recommendations that have enabled us to better plan for our future needs.” Julien Houle, VP, Human Resources, Superior Plus Energy

"L&C have been helping us with an ambitious corporate transformation. They have supported the change process in many ways, from leading strategy development processes to aligning our executive and management teams.” Michael Traub, CEO, Serta-Simmons Bedding

“L&C bring an excellent balance of experience, leadership, ability to drive a focused agenda, capture the relevant details required for evolution of our strategy, and much more." Phil Newmoyer, Serta-Simmons Bedding

“L&C have helped us across a broad range of issues to clarify our direction and to get on with things. They understand our business, and their energy is unflagging.” Anna Martini, President and CEO, Groupe Dynamite

“L&C invested time to understand our business and our culture, helping us define exciting business goals, communicate our strategies and plans with clarity to our people and to the global team.” Michael Traub, CEO, BSH North America