Nabil Beitinjaneh

Nabil Beitinjaneh

Nabil Beitinjaneh has more than 25 years of experience in business and strategy development, project management, systems and process engineering spanning both the corporate and the entrepreneurial world.

Most recently, at CGI, he has been involved in area of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics. He is known for his ability to mobilize individuals and grow teams in turbulent and uncertain environments. As an entrepreneur, he supported the growth of several businesses through advisory and business development activities.

Nabil is recognized as a learner, a strategist, an achiever, a professional and a problem solver who gets things done. He is engaged in leadership, strategy and organizational development through events, training and his service with non-profit and Non-Governmental Organizations.

He has lived in North America, Asia and Africa and is experienced with intercultural negotiations and bridging geographies. Nabil has an Executive Masters in Business Administration in addition to his degree in Electrical Engineering (computers) from McGill University.

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