Bea Lozinski

Bea Lozinski

A senior executive with a strong global record in Strategic Human Resources, Consulting and Enterprise Systems Software.  Bea’s career has focused on strategy development and execution, organizational alignment and how to lead a high-performing organization.  Her innovative work with senior leadership teams in strategic planning, leadership training, transformational projects and organizational development, as well as her application of technology in these situations, has resulted in significantly improved business results, strong company cultures and highly engaged workforces.

Most recently in her 30-year career she has held senior leadership positions at Hatch and Barrick Gold; she has provided advisory services to a variety of companies, from tech start-ups to public and private companies.

She has also held several advisory board roles for the Wharton School of Executive Education, the Federation of European Mining and Minerals Programs, the University of Queensland, Continuing Professional Development and the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute.

Bea holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from York University

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