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Culture Clash

Culture Clash

    Every woman I know who has climbed the corporate ladder has stories to tell about the highest rungs, where men remain in the majority. I thought hard about my own experiences after reading New York Times senior correspondent Susan Chira’s feature about...

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Creativity is a State of Mind

I am not a scientist, engineer, politician or philosopher. I am not a person whom you might expect could impact the world, for good or bad. I am merely a creative designer, an image builder, a master tailor & cutter. In my small way however, through my career, I...

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Smart Bosses

If you have ever questioned the toughness of your boss or wondered how mean-spirited you have to be to run a large corporation, I would like to recount an experience that that proved that you can be smart without being a bully. Gianni Agnelli, owner of the Fiat...

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