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Creativity is a State of Mind

I am not a scientist, engineer, politician or philosopher. I am not a person whom you might expect could impact the world, for good or bad. I am merely a creative designer, an image builder, a master tailor & cutter. In my small way however, through my career, I...

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Smart Bosses

If you have ever questioned the toughness of your boss or wondered how mean-spirited you have to be to run a large corporation, I would like to recount an experience that that proved that you can be smart without being a bully. Gianni Agnelli, owner of the Fiat...

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The Fight Against Nasty CEOs

On April 28, Ian McGugan, as staff writer for the Globe and Mail, published an article on nasty CEOs.  He cited Hunter Harrison from CP Rail, 3G, the owners of Tim Hortons and Kraft Heinz, and Bill Ackman of Valeant Pharmaceuticals.  “For managers like these, nothing...

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