Success Finder
L&C Strategic Advisory Consultants partners with SuccessFinder, a cloud-based talent analytics solution, to enable a seamless connection between a client’s strategy, its business demands and the behaviours of its leaders required for success.
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  • Matches strategic goals to competencies and roles.
  • Provides a rich set of objective data for benchmarking existing and potential talent against external data sources


  • Fully understand the strengths of its people
  • Better prepare for succession
  • Build strong and aligned teams
  • Support the development of individual leaders
  • Hire and onboard more effectively

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One Universal Tool

Unlike other assessment companies, we provide a single tool that can be used across the organization: for all roles and levels and at every stage in the employee life cycle.

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Value of Efficiency

Today, companies spend $3B on assessments with poor results (less than 13% engagement). We fix this by helping people discover their unique passions and suggesting roles that optimize their potential.

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Behavioral DNA

Like the human genome project mapped human DNA, SuccessFinder maps behavioral DNA. Coupled with benchmarks, it will predict job fit.

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The only career assessment tool committed to meeting the rigorous APA C1 standard based on its validity for decision making.

Real Bottom-Line Benefits

SuccessFinder is changing the way modern companies, coaches, and individuals think about personal assessment