Global Luxury Appliance Manufacturer

Based on his twenty-year track record as a turnaround leader from global postings, the new CEO of North American operations for a €12.4 B global luxury appliance manufacturer was transferred to turn around the US business. After two years he had accomplished the task, and his next challenge was to move the Company into profitable growth mode.

His personal style had always been straightforward and no-nonsense, and he was an excellent communicator whose work was guided by strong values and a deep sense of responsibility for the health of his teams. He now wanted to develop a more inspiring leadership style that would encourage, support and motivate his team to achieve market leadership.

Working through L&C’s Strategic Advisory process, the leader added key elements to his interactions with his team, becoming more accessible and communicative. This shift had an enormous impact on employees and the change was cemented through his work to create new rules of engagement for the management team, and his undertaking to introduce and activate a new set of core values across the organization.

The Strategic Advisory process also enabled him to develop an inspiring strategy and we worked with the senior team to define specific goals and related initiatives to ensure a disciplined follow-up and tracking of results. By substantially opening up two-way communications, the CEO was able to engage employees at all levels and across all functions, get buy-in, and create a much stronger leadership team whose actions were fully aligned with the strategy.

The Company’s brands are now leaders in their segments and for the past three years their North American operations have been the Global organization’s most profitable and rapidly growing division.